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21 April 2021
Bydgoszcz, Poland
INNOFORM®2021 - Virtual Brokerage Event

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INNOFORM®2021 - Virtual Brokerage Event

What is a brokerage event?

One-to-one discussions between company’, research institutes’, authorities’ representatives. It is a quick and easy way to meet potential cooperation partners. 25-30 minutes business meetings are usually enough to build connections.

Usually Brokerage Events are organised on the occassion of the conferences and exhibitions. Now, because of the insecure situation connected with Covid-19 a lot of them are arranged virtual - as the INNOFORM®2021 - Virtual Brokerage Event.

Due to the fact that Brokerage Events are now available online searching business cooperation becomes easier than it was ever before. Why? Because you can arrange and attend meetings without leaving home or office. You save your time and money! At the same time your potential to establish cooperation is not lower than it would be if the Brokerage Event went on-site.

    Who is welcome?

    The INNOFORM®2021 TRADE FAIR this year as INNOFORM®2021 Online Event of Tooling and Plastics Processing and our Brokerage Event are organised for the fifth time with a great history of joining in an international group of producers, distributors and specialists in the sector of tool production and plastics processing industries as well as all industry sectors connected with this tolls applications.

    This event is directed to all branches of industry, including:

    • metals
    • plastics
    • machinery,
    • electronics and electrical power engineering
    • automotive
    • railway
    • aviation,
    • logistics,
    • household appliances 
    • packaging,
    • automation and robotisation of manufacturing,
    • IT solution for industry sector,
    • recycling
    • others.

    INNOFORM®2021 - Virtual Brokerage Event - when?

    Matchmaking session - 21st April 2021 - 09.00 a.m.- 15.00 p.m.

    INNOFORM®2021 flyer

    Location Bydgoskie Centrum Targowo - Wystawiennicze
    Organised by
    Participants 58
    Meetings 68
    Poland 28
    Türkiye 13
    Slovakia 4
    Romania 3
    Germany 3
    Ukraine 1
    France 1
    Taiwan 1
    Italy 1
    Nigeria 1
    Russia 1
    Bulgaria 1
    Portugal 1
    United Kingdom 1
    Total 60
    Authority/Government 1
    Association/Agency 6
    University 2
    R&D Institution 1
    Manufacturer 21
    Supplier, sub-contractor 2
    Distributor, Wholesaler, Importer 1
    Service provider (engineering, IT) 12
    Consulting (business, tax, legal) 7
    Other 7
    Total 60
    Profile views
    Before event 4089
    After event 425
    Total 4514